Even though i was at the office til today. I had a productive work shift. Worked on implementation plans, organized their folders and updated our staff phone numbers in our employee directory. There is always something to do here. Decided to skip the gym session today. Needed to focus on my studies since I have this really important exam on Friday. Super nervous about it. I do only get one chance to pass the exam test. Otherwise, I will have to retake the whole course again. Getting the chance now to study a few hours.

Studying went great! After spending hours in front of the computer, doing exercises and reading. I was definitely in need of a break. Took the opportunity to go for a short run outside, the weather was perfect and personally I love living here at the countryside. Feeling a little better compared to what I did yesterday. Can’t stop thinking about it, always on my mind and the heavy thoughts are there. Trying not to mention of it. It’s going to take some time to process it all. How has your day been so far?


4 thoughts on “WORK . WORK . WORK

  1. Så härligt att vara effektiv och produktiv och få mycket gjort. Man får skippa gymmet i bland och göra annat – bra att hinna fokusera på studierna istället ju. Skönt att avsluta med lite frisk luft

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