The current week is really the opposite of the one that has been. It felt like there was so much more leisure and freedom; which is now true. I am working six out of seven days this week, and having only one little day off feels pitiful. This is another reason ‘why’ I long for the holiday. More time with the kids. Don’t really have anything planned for this week, except keeping in touch with friends and family. It’s important that everyone tries to keep in touch. Don’t have the energy to spend all my time/energy on people who don’t give it back. I care less about it, but lets change subject; sharing the best and the worst parts of my past week.

The best parts of the week
It’s been an eventful and exciting week filled with adventures. Both for me and the kids. Visited Gunnebo Castle and Garden, Slottsskogen and Classic Motor at Tjolöholm Castle We indulged in the weekend with a proper breakfast. Left early in the morning, bought fresh pastries, bread, juice, and much more. This week gave me such a vacation feeling. We had such wonderful weather and time together. There’s nothing to complain about. Had a blast and can’t wait till holiday. Spending more time with the family.

Worst parts of the week
It was during ‘Classic Motor at Tjolöholm Castle’ an accident happened. Brianna was sitting in the passenger seat next to me. Playing with the house keys. She likes to hold onto them and jingle it in her hands. Suddenly, she stumbled against the seat and the key hit her nose, causing it to bleed. Was scary to see her bleeding from her nose like that. Came a lot. Fortunately, it stopped quickly. However, as a mother, I felt so guilty and remorseful. Poor Brianna. Today, she’s a champ and has completely forgotten about it


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