Another exciting day with the family has come to an end. We got a lot of sunshine and adventure. A mix of racing cars, old fashion muscle cars, airplanes, and helicopters. The event was for all ages. We arrived at one o’clock and have been here for six hours. We’re still sitting around the car, waiting in line to leave and currently the lines are so long. It’s taking an eternity before we get out of here. It almost felt like I was most excited about going to this event than the kids. Their big interest was dig and create piles of gravel on the gravel field. It felt good to bring drinks, sunscreen and the stroller. Especially ’cause of the heat really affected all of us. I have a feeling we will sleep well tonight, and I’m even more excited for the holiday now. It’s time to head back home and eat somewhere on the way. Personally, I’m not that hungry neither, but I know how important it is for us and we really need it. Haven’t been eating that much during this heat.


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